12 Golden rules to consider when writing a CV/Resume

Building a great cv is the first step to get that great internship or job which will change your life. Today’s job market is excessively competitive and you must stand out from the crowd with your cv and/or personal statement. Are you tired of having your cv end in the dustbin? Are you tired to wait that phone call or email desperately to no avail? Do you need real techniques that will get your cv retain the attention of the Human Resource Manager? Here are 12 golden rules to consider while building a cv
1- Your cv should be two pages, maximum two and a half and never more than that. Why write more than two pages when your employer is only interested about relevant work experience? You could think filing a five page cv will mean you have broad experience and skills. NO! It simply shows your employer your inability to summarise.

2- Present your CV in a clear and logical manner, using short sentences, bullet points, a single typeface, and remarkable headings

3- Your Personal statement should not be more than 3 lines. State your relevant past experience and where you’re heading to and most especially how relevant it is to the job you are applying for. You could consider updating the information herein anytime you are applying for a new opportunity

4- For each of your jobs, include the company name and address, your job title and dates of employment. Start with the most recent job first. And always ask yourself how relevant it is to your employer

5- Save the cv as your name- You could use your first name. For example, If your names are Angele MESSA, you could save your cv as MESSA’s cv

6- Use professional email addresses which bear your name. You sound more serious that way. Email addresses with your star name is better to use while exchanging with friends.

7- You must not include your Date of birth, stating your age is enough.

8- Don’t add your Nationality except if you are applying for an International Opportunity

9- Include a Picture in your cv only if necessary for the job you are applying for. You could also include a photo if requested by the employer.

10- Hobbies and interests should be related to the job you are applying for. Don’t include this if irrelevant.

11- Produce an error-free cv. Read over and over again. You could even get someone else to check spellings, typos and grammatical mistakes.

12- Last and not the least, always be honest, accurate and able to defend any information on your CV during an interview. Being unable to defend your cv will ruin your reputation before your employer and reduce your chances of getting that opportunity.
 NB: Don't forget to update your CV frequently. You could make it a habit to add relevant information every time you're applying for a new opportunity. This would enable you to consider the employer's needs.

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