Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cameroonians know their Common Enemy 
On July 12 2015, Cameroon witnessed a suicide bombings in fotokol killing 13 people. On the 22nd of July 2 other cases of suicide bombings were reported in Bamare and at the entrance of the central market. All these attacks have been perpetrated by young girls of less than 15 years old. Suicide bombings, and such acts of terror are new to the Cameroonian populace. Cameroon has always be a peaceful haven in the Central African region and these horror acts marked a period of awe, fear and terror which set all Cameroonians in a state of confusion. Most Cameroonians had the impression it was a dream or a movie and only the corpses was a proof it was real. Every lip had sommething to say because it was an unusual situation. Every single Cameroonian felt concerned and touched and each mourned in its own way.

Shocking images began sweeping the internet and foreign media took this as an opportunity to nail the country and its government down. Some went ahead to describe Cameroon as an 'abominable country' and even develop nitches of reflection. All analysis were geared at putting Cameroonians and their governement at logger heads. What for? Only they can tell. A plan which was immediately thwarted. After a short while of reflection and acceptance, Cameroonians now understand that they and their government are on the same side. Every Cameroonian understands its unique role in fighting Boko Haram. Despite the negative campaign,Cameroonians are up and ready to defend their motherland.

Today, Cameroonians know who their common enemy is. The terror attacks in Maroua is not a result of religious crisis faced by Cameroon as presented by some media outlets. It is neither an ethnical duel between Cameroonians. It is the extension of the terrorist activities going on in Northern Nigeria. Muslims and Christians  in the Far North region and  the Noun have peacefully coexisted in Cameroon since Independence. Cameroon is made up of morethan 240 ethnic groups which is one of the riches of the country. The riches of its culture has earned Cameroon the title of  'Africa in Miniature' and all its people live at peace with one another. From the North to the South, from the East to the West, Cameroonians are brothers and sisters. Cameroonians today, are very much aware of their enemy:  the Boko Haram sect which is threatening the borders of several African countries. 

Finding ourselves in times of trial, we each have a role to play in saving our country from the threat of the Boko Haram sect. Our next article will discuss the role of every Cameroonian in re establishing peace in our country.