Thursday, October 1, 2015

Chuzih Dadido, Talented Cameroonian Artist, releases new single ‘’Awah”

 Renowned music director and singer-song writer releases new single “Awah”. You couldn’t miss his display of motion-picture-talent from videos like Gasha and Eddy Kenzo’s “Chill”. But don’t be fooled into believing his skills end with stunning video shots. Chuzih Dadido, just took his artistic prowess one step further with the release of the single “Awah”, a creative modern blast of Makossa rhythms.
Singer-Song writer Chuzih Dadido is a Cameroonian based Afro-pop/RnB/Souls musician, Born on the 19th December 1990.

Being the most creative/destructive child of the house, he ventured in different aspects of arts, gambling his way within his thoughts into music. In primary school, he was the lead singer in the school choir and while in secondary/High school, Chuzih interpreted Michael Jackson in school gatherings like Social, Campus Celebrity shows and lots more. At the University, (CATUC-Catholic University of Cameroon, Bamenda) where he studied, he pioneered the Music/Dance clubs and was the acting Music Director.
Even though music is Chuzihs’ first passion, He is also the founder of Fantasy Arts Company. A firm which aims at using motion and still pictures to “bring your imaginations into reality” He is widely known in the show biz milieu thanks to his stunning music videos. He has worked with artists like Eddy Kenzo, Dj Arafat, Gasha, Magasco, Adah, Awu, dj Brico etc. Chuzih is signed to Muanze Group. Discover the newly born Music talent from Cameroon. If that’s what talent feels like, then “Awah” is what it “Sounds like”.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Polygamy: Another Silent Killer in War Time

Patriarchy is a social system in which men dominate and in which powers and possessions belong only to men. There exist both patriarchal men and women. A patriarchal woman is one who has internalized the norms and values of patriarchy, which could be regarded as ‘any culture that priviledges men by promoting traditional gender roles’. Patriarchal beliefs prones the inborn inferiority of women, who are accordingly termed to be naturally submissive. The place of the ‘Nordist’ woman in Cameroon is the same as that of every rural woman. As a ‘good woman’’, she is in charge of the home’s chores, child bearing, and farming. She is the property of her husband or something beautiful that a man could own, gaze upon, and satisfy his sexual needs. That is why; he can have as many as four wives.

The negative effect of war on women and children are enormous and we will not come back to it now.  Women and children are particularly vulnerable in times of war. Many have brought up theories against polygamy but none or very little have taken time to discuss on the added disadvantage of polygamy during war time or crisis. Stories from the North of Cameroon have been brought to us, some of us have travelled to the North to see it for ourselves and in conclusion, Polygamy has an added disadvantage on women and children in times of crisis.

The threat posed by the Boko Haram sect is persisting in the Northern part of Cameroon. Bomb blasts are multiplying and the number of victims is on the rise. Apart from violence, women being used in suicide bombings and rapes, most women have become premature widows with several orphans to look after.  Since the outbreak of the crisis, it has been reported that more than 600 men have disappeared from the town of Mora alone. We are talking of family heads that have disappeared abandoning wives and children. Each man who disappeares leaves behind at least two helpless wives and ten children: These women, to whom no one ever taught how to get a paid job or learn money making skills, are abandoned with a host of children to look after. Meanwhile, the area is facing economic stagnation, poverty and high unemployment rate. Most of these children could easily fall prey to the succulent proposal of Boko Haram heads. There is a wide literature about the negative effects of polygamy and its negative aspect on war is worth noting and giving a second thought. 

Here is my proposal: I think polygamy should stop being considered as a traditional or social norm.  Polygamy should be a personal decision. In this light girls should be educated against polygamy; women should be educated to warn the girl child against polygamy so as to encourage these young women to be interested in education and the right to a paid job. If women in these areas are educated, the family doesn’t end with the man. Women will be able to take care of their families in times of war and this will reduce alcoholism, criminality and promiscuity in our communities, thus reducing HIV Aids and other veneral diseases.

I therefore, strongly share Bole Butake’s point of view in his book 'Bethrothal without Libation' when he says that ‘a woman is capable of rising above her supposed degenerate self’. This point should not be misunderstood. It goes beyong the noise ‘’what a man can do, a woman can do it better.’’ I am no feminist but an objective and rational woman who knows the benefits of education. I do not mean women are better than men. I mean men and women are all human beings who need to be treated with respect and dignity. No two people are the same in the world, not even twins. Women and men are two different types of people, and even, no two women are the same. For me, the relationship between men and women in our society is not and should not be that of rivalry, but should be one of complementarity.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A stand for Peace and Security...Cameroonian Youths take Action

Hope for the Needy Association (HOFNA) organised from 11 to 12 September in Bamenda a youths women national workshop on peace and security under the theme 'Enhancing multicultural dialogue for peace and security in Cameroon'. This workshop brought together Government officials ( the Governor, Regional Delegate of the police, representative from Minproff), Civil society organisations (Women for a Change (WFAC) Youths Renaissance International, Association des Jeunes Mbororo de l’Est etc etc), Entrepreneurs (Go ahead africa) Individuals (Commonwealth Youths ambassador, National Youths Council Presiden)t, Diplomats (representatives form the US Embassy) and youth leaders from across the ten regions of Cameroon.

The first  symposium brought to the same table, Religious heads, Government representatives, youth leaders and professionals from different works of life to discuss the threat posed by Boko Haram and suggestions on how to best tackle this. The threat posed by Boko Haram is real and its quite a phenomenon not known by Cameroonians. Stories from the North were recounted and we learnt that this part of the country basically lives half day with the army becoming morethanthan civilians in the region.Many feared this could be the most dangerous humanitarian crisis witnessed by Cameroon so far.  The discussions of the forum consisted of equiping all youths to stay alert on how to fight Boko Haram and on how to deal with the post Boko Haram era.

 Discussions centred on religious and inter cultural conflict: the unique geo political situation of Cameroon, and the unique role every Cameroonian should play in order to better tackle this crisis. Participants were took home evidence why Cameroonians need to celebrate their cultural diversity and take advantage of it; they learnt that Islam is Sallam which means peace and any religion worth following should preach peace. However, extremist groups take some verses from the Quran, deform it and use it to justify their terrorist acts. One of the things to take care of is to avoid victimisation. Sometimes, we call some particular people Boko Haram because they are from the North or are Muslims. 

-          Can violence be justified?
Some participants pointed out poverty, unemployment and the unfavourable climatic condition of the Northern region as factors encouraging the quick proliferation of Boko Haram. According to stories heard from the North,  about 600 youths have joined the rangs of Boko Haram. These youths are said to have received a motor bike each with 30 000frs and some have gone as far as taking oaths. to better present the deplorable living conditions in that part of the country,the story of a bike rider was recounted. This guy had helped the police to arrest   a man carrying explosives. The only compensasion he requested from the commissioner was his desire to get married. However, a problem persists because after killing one’s brothers and sisters, how does that solve the poverty and unemployment problem? How does that directly affect the governing body? In this regard, such acts could therefore be qualified as cowardice.
Panelists at the conference gave Cameroonian youths every reason to dream. They had to stop complaining and take action. They had to stop accusing the government to be themselves good exmples to follow, they had to stand out, reach out to one another and create that positive change in their country. They had to carry out actions, no matter how little, to make sure there exists no safe haven for terrorists and be prepared to deal with the Boko haram post era; be patriotic, encourage inter generational dialogue because every cameroonian has a role to play in a unique way for nation building process. 

By the end of the workshop, a declaration was adopted. This document outligned the desire of Cameroonian youths on how the government, international and civil society organisations, Entrepreneurs and youths could work together to curb Boko Haram threats and all forms of extremism in Cameroon. The closing remarks of the President of HOFNA resounds and echoes in the minds of the participants.

Nobody is a Nobody
Everybody is a Somebody

Friday, August 7, 2015

Attitudes to Adopt in times of crisis: The case of Cameroon

All for Cameroon

 For a long time, Cameroon has been an oasis of peace in the Central African zone. Threats posed at its  frontiers like the multiplication of refugees from the DRC, Mali and Northern Nigeria have been tackled without putting in danger the Cameroonian population. Since 2010, the threats posed by Boko Haram has been spreading widely: Alarming increase of refugees and occasional kidnapping of strangers in the Northern region of Cameroon. Despite all efforts put in place to negotiate peace, the attacks have multiplied. In 2010 therefore, Cameroon declared war on the Islamic sect through its President Paul Biya while in Paris. The sect therefore showed its interest to getting into war with Cameroon by waging open attacks. War then broke out. All Cameroonians came out so as to preserve their integrity and this sect was challenged once more. Boko Haram didn’t stop there; it then opted for a guerrilla tactic which was a prove of the superiority of the Cameroonian armed forces over them. They witnessed once more a spectacular defeat but opted for a third option- suicide bombings perpetrated by young women. Cameroonians had only seen this before on TV. Today, its no longer a dream. It’s a fact which Cameroonians need to accept and learn how to effectively manage so as to come out of it heads high. Basing my thoughts on the socio-anthropological organisation of the country, I think every Cameroonian has a role to play in assuring Cameroon’s victory over this terrorist group. When Maroua was hurt, we saw all Cameroonians standing up as one to mourn and pray. Right now many are asking themselves in what ways they  could be useful to their country during this crisis. I therefore took upon myself to make some suggestions which seem little or weightless at first sight but which could help many Cameroonians to better manage the Boko Haram threat.

i-             Avoid Hateful Speeches

This is defined by Wikip├ędia as ‘any speech, gesture or conduct, writing, or display which is forbidden because it may incite violence or prejudicial action against or by a protected individual or group, or because it disparages or intimidates a protected individual or group’. This is very helpful to Cameroonians during the crisis posed by the Boko Haram threat which they’ve been going through. Traditional and social media are the tools through which hate speeches could be passed to the general public. After the attacks in Fotokol and Maroua, we heard all kinds of theories and speeches in our private radio stations, some national and international media and social networks. The intimidating and heart hurting photos spread across the Internet as wild fire. Mutual accusations followed: some accused the Government, others the Muslim community and even the French for masterminding these attacks on Cameroon for economical interests. Some rejected these theses, while others adopted them and tried to incite Cameroonians to hatred. These are attitudes all Cameroonians must avoid during this crisis because it doesn’t help anybody. It instead nails the country. Remember, United we stay strong, divided we fail.

ii-            Stand out as ONE

Cameroon is made up of more than 240 ethnic groups with a multitude of dialects. Cameroon had more than 21 candidates for the 2011 presidential elections which is a proof of the diversity of its culture, values and convictions. Cameroon is made up of a linguistic and religious richness and this has never been a problem. This country could have more than 10 000 dialects but its more than 22million inhabitants are able to talk and understand each other. Cameroonians are as proud to celebrate Christmas as well as the Ramadan. The Re-unification of this country has been described by some as the ‘imperfect blend’ but you could all trust me, this is not the time for that. This is the time to stand up as one and fight the common enemy (Boko Haram) which is out to destroy all what we’ve built so far. To this effect, every Cameroonian, be it from the ruling party or the opposition, be it a Muslim or christian must support the fight. This is the only proof you love your country.

iii-        Stay   vigilant

All Cameroonians must remain watchful and on the alert of danger. It is time to know your neighbours and those who live in your quarter. It is time to be careful so as to detect strangers with unusual attitudes.They could be suicide bombers or members of the sect. The issue with the sect is, they don’t care if you are christian or Muslim, they don’t care if you are civilian or in the military. All they want to do is see you or your loved ones terrorised or dead. To this effect, its necessary to always take your identification documents with you to ease security checks by the police. It will be beneficial to avoid keeping late nights, loitering, quarrels, unnecessary gatherings or fighting. This will make our environment safer as there will be no hiding place for Boko Haram and its partisans. If there is need, call the police and stay safe.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cameroonians know their Common Enemy 
On July 12 2015, Cameroon witnessed a suicide bombings in fotokol killing 13 people. On the 22nd of July 2 other cases of suicide bombings were reported in Bamare and at the entrance of the central market. All these attacks have been perpetrated by young girls of less than 15 years old. Suicide bombings, and such acts of terror are new to the Cameroonian populace. Cameroon has always be a peaceful haven in the Central African region and these horror acts marked a period of awe, fear and terror which set all Cameroonians in a state of confusion. Most Cameroonians had the impression it was a dream or a movie and only the corpses was a proof it was real. Every lip had sommething to say because it was an unusual situation. Every single Cameroonian felt concerned and touched and each mourned in its own way.

Shocking images began sweeping the internet and foreign media took this as an opportunity to nail the country and its government down. Some went ahead to describe Cameroon as an 'abominable country' and even develop nitches of reflection. All analysis were geared at putting Cameroonians and their governement at logger heads. What for? Only they can tell. A plan which was immediately thwarted. After a short while of reflection and acceptance, Cameroonians now understand that they and their government are on the same side. Every Cameroonian understands its unique role in fighting Boko Haram. Despite the negative campaign,Cameroonians are up and ready to defend their motherland.

Today, Cameroonians know who their common enemy is. The terror attacks in Maroua is not a result of religious crisis faced by Cameroon as presented by some media outlets. It is neither an ethnical duel between Cameroonians. It is the extension of the terrorist activities going on in Northern Nigeria. Muslims and Christians  in the Far North region and  the Noun have peacefully coexisted in Cameroon since Independence. Cameroon is made up of morethan 240 ethnic groups which is one of the riches of the country. The riches of its culture has earned Cameroon the title of  'Africa in Miniature' and all its people live at peace with one another. From the North to the South, from the East to the West, Cameroonians are brothers and sisters. Cameroonians today, are very much aware of their enemy:  the Boko Haram sect which is threatening the borders of several African countries. 

Finding ourselves in times of trial, we each have a role to play in saving our country from the threat of the Boko Haram sect. Our next article will discuss the role of every Cameroonian in re establishing peace in our country.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Why do MEN hit WOMEN?

 Journal of an African Woman

Its mean to hit a woman
Mum always said nothing will break me.
She gave herself 100% for my upbringing and said i was ready for marriage,
i used to think i was special and not the type of woman to get hit,
i was sure i would make every man happy,
then i met him. i told myself he'll be my first and my last,
i was ready for the fairy tale.
Mum had taken much of her time to teach me how to say 'hello', 'thank you' and 'sorry',
she told me a 'good woman' is humble and breeds peace everywhere she finds herself.
she told me a 'good woman' will always say 'yes' even if deep inside she craves for a 'no';
my mum said a 'true African woman' will always wear a smile even if her heart is drowned in tears;
she said a 'perfect woman' will shut up, especially when she has much to say.
My mum also said the 'ideal woman' will make sure she apparently portrays happiness especially when she has all reasons to be sad. A good woman will patiently wait while her husband goes in search of her rivals and will welcome him home with a smiling face.
To be a 'good woman', i needed to be loyal to a fault and make my husband happy at all cost.
As a bonus, she said i was young, beautiful and literate.
I listened carefully and understood all my mum's lessons. My mum then realised i was ready for marriage. I went ahead, got engaged and the fruits of my womb followed, a sign of additional blessings.
i was sure that was the beginning of happiness but i was very wrong. I'd been living all this while on a fat lie. One i chose not to disclose.
                       Days, weeks and  seasons passed and i began interacting with other women, i read books and discovered my mum wasn't totally right about the role of the woman in the family. A woman could also be fruitful and help her husband out in several circumstances. A woman could have a paid job and still manage well her home. I realised the role of the woman as described by my mum was unjust, humiliating and down grading. I decided to start speaking out my mind and let my feelings show. I got a blow and punches as compensation.
                      Its mean to hit a woman. I used to question physical violence against women and thought it was a dream and it would never happen to me. I was sure they had done something to deserve that. I was wholly wrong!


Tradition, that's what he most Men tell me.

 Its wrong. Our tradition teaches men to respect and protect women.

Men hit women because they are selfish, self-centered and are cowards. Some claim its a result of verbal violence inflicted on them by the woman; this is wrong. John scolded at me everyday, filled me with insults and told me how much i was useless but the least reply earned me a swollen face. Most men are too selfish to admit they are wrong, even if they are caught red-handed. All they do is use their muscles to let you know they are always right. I say it again:  'IT'S MEAN TO HIT A WOMAN'. The worse is they are afraid of the truth. When they accuse you for being the source of their failures, all you need to do is blame yourself, get into your room and cry. You don't have the right to remind him how much keeping late nights affects his revenues, he forgets the impact of flirting on his assets; he wouldn't even consider how much he spends on beer parlours etc

Today, i observed a minute of silence for all those women who left the world as a result of physical violence portrayed on them by men. I decide i won't ''shut up'' as a ''perfect woman'' should. I will stand up for these women so that they wouldn't have died for nothing.
I won't give in to fear and doubt.
I will use every tool i posses to make sure every rural woman gets educated and gets a salaried job. This will reduce dependency and they'll learn to be assertive.
Young girls and women need to learn how to use the Internet so as to be exposed to its the wide knowledge and ideas withing. Mothers should encourage their girls to go to school even if they weren't opportune to do so. Fathers should teach their boys that girls are not objects but humans like them.
Individuals, Institutions should put in place tools that will help make sure no woman is victim to physical violence.
Get some of these free tools at